The Silva Method Foundation course has 2 modules covered over two separate weekends :

  • Module 1: The Silva Life System (SLS)
  • Module 2: The Silva Intuition System (SIS)

Silva Life System

The Silva Life System is the key to achieving your goals and the life of your dreams easily and naturally. This seminar consists of the following techniques:

  • Deep Relaxation
  • Sleep Control
  • Clock Technique
  • Awake Control
  • Dream Control
  • Hand Levitation
  • Headache Control
  • Glove Anesthesia
  • Glass of Water
  • Mental Screen
  • Memory Pegs
  • Three Fingers
  • Mirror of the Mind
  • Habit Control: Weight and Smoking
  • Laboratory
  • Counselors
  • Everyday Case Working

Silva Intuition Training

The careful, time-tested, tried and true, progressive learning process for developing ESP is what separates The Silva Method from any other program.

This seminar focuses predominantly on the development of ESP and influencing healing in others.

In addition you will learn how to identify your personal mission in life and to use the creative power of your mind to propel you toward this goal.

This seminar consists of the following techniques:

  • Deep Relaxation/Long Relax
  • Mental Screen
  • TeleMind
  • Holoviewing Technique
  • Droplet of Source Energy
  • Connection to Purpose
  • Remote Viewing
  • OmniViewing
  • Projection to Home
  • Projection to Tree during Season Changes
  • Projection to Leaves
  • Projection to Pet
  • Human Anatomy
  • Case Working
  • Seeds of Purpose

For whatever reason you attend the course, all you need to succeed is an open mind, an ability to follow instructions, enjoy yourself and then practice your new skills! You will truly benefit in ways beyond your expectations.

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"Intuition, insight, imagination, intention, inspiration, creativity -- these are the raw materials of consciousness. With them, we can mold our personal reality and through critical mass shape our collective reality, as well."

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Optimum Healthy Exam Preparation  

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  • Instantly access a relaxed state of mind enabling you to focus efficiently
  • Learn to wake up without an alarm clock
  • Experience natural good quality sleep
  • Control pain
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Acquire memory techniques supporting your studying
  • Acquire powerful tools for studying, attending a conference Acquire powerful tools for exam taking in a focused/relaxed/efficient way
  • Acquire powerful tools for interviews
  • Test the tools instantly