Gentle Awareness Yoga

Regular classes draw from a number of practices from mindfulness, pranayama, meditation, hatha,  gentle vinyasa, restorative to nidra yoga. The gentleness of the warm ups leading to experiencing asanas through the breath but also the principle of alignments which is supported through the use of “props”, allows for the build up of a strong foundation for safe practice suited to all levels. Once this is integrated by the students, classes are intuitively led, supporting the energetic flow emanating from the group in the awareness of the moment. In that way, students experience the manyfold journeying through the subtle layers of yoga.

Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga 

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga is a unique form of hatha yoga that blends the 5,000-year-old yogic tradition of India with the principles of Deepak Chopra’s international bestselling classic, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Students cultivate a deep state of body-centered restful awareness (mindfulness) and learn how to maintain balance and calm in the midst of life’s daily stresses.

When you take a Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga class you learn  infuse your practice with Spirit and bring the Seven Laws into action in your daily life.

In addition to exploring the depths of your soul, you will learn:

  • The Spiritual Law of the day
  • Pranayama breathing exercises
  • Strength, flexibility and balance postures
  • Sanskrit terms for poses/asanas
  • Meditation techniques
  • Energy opening postures
  • Infinite possibilities


CLASSES @ €10/11/12 or €15 drop in

  •  Furbo:  Monday : Gentle Awareness yoga: 9.30-10.45am
                                  Monday: Yoga for all: 7.30-9pm
  •              Thursday : Gentle Awareness yoga: 9.30-10.45am    
  • Galway:  Wednesday :Chair Yoga: 2-3pm
  •                Thursday: Family Wellness yoga & Ayurvedic Lifestyle: 11.45-1.15pm           
  • Renmore:Tuesday: Parent's yoga & Wellness: 10-11.30am
  •                                Chair Yoga: 2-3pm  
  •                               SSLY: 6pm-7.25pm
  •                               Continuation:7.30- 9pm
  • Salthill: Wednesday SSLY: 6.15-7.15pm                            
  •                                Continuation:7.30- 9pm


Chair Yoga:

....Or YOGA FOR ALL is a deeply holistic healing practice allowing one to experience ourselves as energetic beings in the awareness of the moment.Thus boundaries are dissolved and "miracles" are experienced.

  • Renmore:Tuesday: 2-3pm
  • Galway: Wednesday: 2-3pm

Active Retirement Yoga workshops:

    Classes combine pranayama (breath work), deep guided relaxation/meditation, journeying and gentle 

stretches/asana supported by mindfulness, with the use of chairs and other props accessible to all participants. Individual attention is focused on each yogi/yogini.

Workshops are generally run over a period of 8 weeks but can be tailored to the group

     Call Claire: 087 2427992

Joyful Journey Yoga Laughter workshop:

Corporates: Contributes to the bonding and wellbeing of the employees, leading to better health, community spirited team where the employee's enhanced sense of belonging and purpose results in higher efficiency-->

* Boost in employee productivity

* Savings on health care costs

* Lower staff turnover

* Reduced employee absenteeism

* Increased employee engagement

Joyful Journey Yoga One to One:

One to one is the perfect option for anyone wishing to re-engage with their body at their own pace and re-connecting to their body-mind-spirit being. Supported with simple lifestyle changes as well as integrating a regular practice of yoga, meditation, pranayamas and Ayurvedic tips, "healthy being" becomes a natural way of life. Then when encountering challenging times and going through high levels of stress, the "rewired" mind guides us to once more taking the steps to the purpose of re-establishing our balance.

Overall Timetable

Silva Seminars:

3 days Immersion seminar:

BLS: 9-11th February

BLS: 16-18th March

BLS: 20-22nd April

Wellness Day

February 3rd : Galway

Yoga Workshop

February 17th Galway

April 14th Galway

Children Yoga Camp:TBA Galway

Yoga Retreat

August 20-26th Dunfanaghy co Donegal


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