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Silva Method testimonial

It is over 30 years since I first took the Silva Method course and figured I had got value for money. Over the years since I have had experience of a fair few course facilitators in repeat sessions. I have found Claire Lombard to be an excellent and capable instructor of the Silva Method and I have also taken instruction in Yoga and French language from her with positive results.

Aongus MacCana Retired at Údarás na Gaeltacht
Silva Method testimonial

During the course we were asked to focus on someone we really liked so I did so on my present wife whom I didn't really know that well but whom I felt drawn to. We then got to know each other better... and you now know the end of the story! It has turned out to be a most positive step in my life.

Sean co Galway
Yoga testimonial

I wish to thank you for your wonderful yoga sessions. I love them mentally, physically and spiritually. I had an incident last week where I got locked into my sitting room and needed to get out of my fairly small window. So at first I was apprehensive and said I will just try and see how I go, and to my surprise without any difficulty I maneuvered my way out. I remember at the time consciously relaxing and breathing into the stretch and really checking that my body was comfortable and under no strain. I was so impressed with my own flexibility. I came out through the window in only moments. With no tension on my body anywhere. I was elated with my new flexibility and body awareness, Not bad I thought for my 50 years young!! With much gratitude for your time and teaching Claire.

Alice Balachandran Louise Hay Trainer, Student Neenagh
Silva Method testimonial

When I was sick with cancer and on treatment I would use the Long Relax for total and healing relaxation, adding the Pain Control Technique to minimise the pain. The results were terrific. I was told I was a model patient at the hospital. I now use the techniques mostly on the road to have an uneventful journey and to be moving the traffic along: I set duration for my travel and using the techniques always find that I achieve my goal, arriving safely, relaxed and on time. I use the sleep technique whenever I'm restless to have good quality sleep. Also, I sometimes have to travel long distances to attend meetings so, when I know I'm going to have a very short night sleep I use the Long Relax to improve the quality of sleep in order to be alert whilst driving and during the meeting.

Ann Martin Nurse, Galway
Yoga testimonial

I started yoga 3 years ago and with each week that goes by I feel more & more agile. Claire is a wonderful teacher. She is so caring, thoughtful and also so good at sharing her knowledge with us. Yoga for me is very calming, helps me sleep much better. In fact the benefits are endless. Sometimes I might not feel like going but when I do go, I always, always feel so much better. I would highly recommend yoga for all ages. It’s just wonderful. Thank you Claire.

Annette student, Furbo, co Galway

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