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Silva Method testimonial

When I was sick with cancer and on treatment I would use the Long Relax for total and healing relaxation, adding the Pain Control Technique to minimise the pain. The results were terrific. I was told I was a model patient at the hospital. I now use the techniques mostly on the road to have an uneventful journey and to be moving the traffic along: I set duration for my travel and using the techniques always find that I achieve my goal, arriving safely, relaxed and on time. I use the sleep technique whenever I'm restless to have good quality sleep. Also, I sometimes have to travel long distances to attend meetings so, when I know I'm going to have a very short night sleep I use the Long Relax to improve the quality of sleep in order to be alert whilst driving and during the meeting.

Ann Martin Nurse, Galway
Silva Method testimonial

Thank you very much for a very insightful weekend. Last night after the course I went to help my brother at his house... he is renovating. I found myself facing the door to his garden shed in the dark with the massive bunch of keys that he has. I needed to find the correct key to the shed. I decided to use one of the tools I learned to find the right key so I used the 3 finger technique and said "I will pick out the correct key first time"...and guess what?... Instantaneously I picked out the right key...Looking forward to using the rest of the tools!

M. Reid Sales Representative. Multinational IT Company, Dublin
Silva Method testimonial

It is over 30 years since I first took the Silva Method course and figured I had got value for money. Over the years since I have had experience of a fair few course facilitators in repeat sessions. I have found Claire Lombard to be an excellent and capable instructor of the Silva Method and I have also taken instruction in Yoga and French language from her with positive results.

Aongus MacCana Retired at Údarás na Gaeltacht
Silva Method testimonial

My Mum was trying to contact my brother in London but none of us knew to where to reach him. So I used my Three Fingers Technique and there he was in the middle of London, in front of my car; and just at that time the traffic lights turn red which gave us time for him to come to my door and give me his phone number!

Giselle Galway
Yoga testimonial

I had my first one to one appointment with Claire in 2015 to get me started in yoga. I needed help with flexibility, strengthening and was intimidated by the thought of joining a group and holding everyone back. The one to one sessions led me to now where I have been attending yoga once a week until COVID 19 and now twice a week online, all led by Claire. She can give you a very gentle start to ensure you can get started and will work at a pace that's best suited to where you are at that given time. She can keep growing your own ability right up to a very advanced level and lead you further than you ever thought was possible. I continue to grow with Claire's guidance and leadership and use her classes to manage stress and help my physical wellbeing also.

Evelyn O'Toole Founder & CEO of Complete Laboratory Solutions (CLS) // Industry EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ for 2017

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