What is Joyful Journey about and what makes it different?

Contrarily to what was  taught/thought up to recently, DNA is not a static code written in stone but is constantly changing and evolving. Our experiences and thoughts change the expression of our DNA. Our DNA mutates and shapes and changes us. Furthermore our thoughts, desires, intentions create our physical “reality” and the light in which we experience this “reality” This is the common thread linking Meditation/Mindfulness, Yoga, Perfect Health (Ayurveda), The Silva Method and Journey Therapy, allowing us to experience ourselves as one with this universal field of infinite possibilities and becoming architects of our reality.


Attending one of our trainings/seminars will provide you with an underlying structure allowing you to experience different holistic practices in an unfragmented way. Yes indeed! Fragmentation seems the key word describing the times we have been living through, this even being conveyed through the multitude of "different" holistic practices now offered on the market.

Therefore Joyful Journey's purpose lies in re-uniting what was always ONE by offering practices re-establishing the direct links between yoga, meditation/mindfulness/intuition, everyday life style (Ayurveda) in the light of Vedic wisdom, allowing for the experiencing ourselves in our quantum dimension.

Thus, through the use of simple yet profound practices/techniques, incorporating mindfulness, anyone can, throughout everyday life, reconnect to one's deeper self, uniting again to the "whole of life", experiencing one's full potential, peace, contentment and gratitude for the gift of this life.

For whom?

    One to one/private groups

    Hospitals, schools, community Centers....




Silva Seminars:

Basic Lectures Series:

BLS: 28-30th September

BLS: 23-25th November

1 day SIT: October 1st

1 day SIT: November 26th

4 Day immersion Seminar:

Sept 28-30- October 1st

November 23-26th

Wellness Day

September 22nd : Galway

Yoga Workshop

5 week Ayurvedic Wellness Lifestyle Workshop

Oct 5-12-19-20-Nov 2nd*: Galway


Children Yoga Camp:TBA Galway

Yoga Retreat

August 20-26th Dunfanaghy co Donegal