Ayurveda Perfect Health Course in Galway

This body-mind-soul  course is founded on the five thousand year old Ayurvedic Consciousness based healing, which originated in India and is now supported by scientific studies.

The course offers a 5 step/week exploration of this “Ayu=life/Veda= knowledge” which, reflecting Vedic Wisdom includes meditation and gentle/chair yoga for all.

The course is designed for the general public who have had little or no previous understanding of these concepts. Each of the five lessons includes instruction in the practical tools and techniques of mind-body medicine that participants can immediately begin using in their daily lives.

Over the five weekly course of 3hrs each the following topics are explored:

Session 1: Body, Mind and Soul: the multidimensional nature of Life and doshas

Introduction to the foundational principles of Ayurveda, meditation, and yoga as well as the three primary mind-body doshas or personalities: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

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Session 2: Nourishment for Body, Mind and Soul: Food as medicine 

Learning how to select the most nourishing foods for your mind-body type and integrating Ayurvedic nutritional practices that will help you maintain vibrant health, appropriate weight, and optimized digestion.

Session 3: Perpetual Renewal: Detoxification, Purification and Rejuvenation 

Identifying and eliminating toxins that accumulate in the mind and body.Learning rejuvenating practices, holistic techniques to relieve stress and anxiety, a personal daily routine for balance and health, and the secrets of restful sleep.

Session 4: Emotional Freedom: Intimacy with Yourself & Healing Past Wounds 

Learning why emotional freedom is the key to our physical, mental, and emotional health. Integrating the practice of conscious communication, which can transform your relationships and help you experience more intimacy and joy in your life.

Session 5: The Five Gateways to your Inner Pharmacy: Metabolizing Sensory Experience

The final session delves into the healing power of the five senses: sound, touch, sight, taste, and smell. Learn how to strengthen the body’s inner pharmacy by using specific tools that use each of the senses to heal, nourish, and balance your mind-body. 

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