What is Meditation?

  • Meditation is the action of withdrawing our attention from our five senses (smell, touch, hear, see, taste) and going within. All our patterns/ behaviors/ thoughts and emotions (in other words conditioning),are products of events experienced through those five senses and thus is born the perception we have of 'life'.
  • In going within, we access the inner silence that lies between our thoughts, mind settling down and accessing a field of infinite intelligence and possibilities, overriding all conditioning.
  • Experiencing the body/mind connection, patterns start falling away, a newly found freedom arises and joy, peace and contentment prevail.
  • This inner space of peace and stillness likens to the protective unknown depth of an ocean to which we can endlessly return to, when caught up in the waves/challenges/turmoil, experienced as physical human beings.
  • This ocean of infinite intelligence, potential, peace, calm is our harbor, or true Self from where we can anchor,  ground and balance when the turmoils of life threaten to overwhelm us.
  • Meditation does not spare us from the challenges of this physical life but helps us see beyond the illusions of ingrained experiences, shedding the layers of outgrown conditioning.