Some feedback from our Silva Method graduates

It is over 30 years since I first took the Silva Method course and figured I had got value for money. Over the years since I have had experience of a fair few course facilitators in repeat sessions. I have found Claire Lombard to be an excellent and capable instructor of the Silva Method and I have also taken instruction in Yoga and French language from her with positive results.

Aongus MacCana, Retired at Údarás na Gaeltacht

"Creative visualization is really what's behind the Silva Method; that is, whatever you can visualize, you can actualize" explains Richard Bach, Silva Method advocate and author of one of the hottest books in years, "Jonathan Livingston Seagull"

Richard Bach, Silva Method advocate and author of "Jonathan Livingston Seagull"

The most important technique I learned in The Silva Method was creative visualization... I found that it was amazingly effective.

Shakti Gawain, Author of "Living in the Light" and "Creative Visualization"

Getting Well Again - This best selling classic by cancer specialist O. Carl Simonton, M.D., profiles the typical "cancer personality", and gives step-by-step guidance to help you speed your recovery by using visualization and imagination at the alpha level. Dr. Simonton studied with Jose Silva and in his keynote address at the Silva Method International Convention he said, "I would say that (the Silva Method) is the most powerful single tool that I have to offer the patient."

Dr. O. Carl Simonton, Research Pioneer in imagery therapy for cancer"

Visualization, mental rehearsal, stress management, and intuition are as much a part of an athlete's training regimen as diet, exercise, and sport specific practice. The Silva System allows instant access to these mental techniques.

Lance R. Miller, International Shooting Coach; Director, Fla. State Junior Olympic Camp; 1995, USA Shooting, Coach of the Year

I was travelling on Ryan Air when it was announced that passengers could go for a draw. The winner would win two air flight tickets for Italy; So I decided now and there that I would like to win those tickets and that it was ok for me for it to happen. So I went to my level and programmed for it and guess what... Wasn't I announced to be the lucky winner!

Ursula, The Wholistic Clinic of Medecine, Galway

I found the Silva Method programme a life changing experience; it has helped me immensely with reducing my stress levels and sleeping at night, something I had not been able to do for a long time.The Silva Method helps me think with a much greater degree of clarity and focus, thus helping me to solve any problem I face with tremendous results. I would recommend this programme to anybody.

Ger, Company Director, co Clare

There was a discussion between myself and another person and when I tried to explain my point of view they totally dismissed it and didn't agree with me. That night I went to my level and I explained the situation to this person again, using the Mirror of the Mind Technique. The following day she told me that she now understood where I was coming from the previous day and understood what I was trying to say. I also use the three fingers technique to get parking spaces.

K., Galway

Since I have taken the course and that I go to my level everyday, life seems to unfold naturally and effortlessly.

Pat, Longford

I went for a top up in the teeth of my last exam and fellow students thought I was mad as I needed all my spare time for studying. During the exam, the minute something wouldn't come into my head I used my Three Fingers Technique which is one of the Silva techniques which has never let me down.

Anna Allan, 70 year old graduate in M. Lit feminist at NUIT Galway

I used the long relax prior to taking my exams for my degree course. It really helped me relax and I became far more focused. And then on the days of the exams I felt totally clear focused. I also found the techniques invaluable for memorising points and lists in the exam situation. Overall, in every day life, since I have been using the techniques I have found myself to be far more positive.

Kathy, Castlebar

When I was sick with cancer and on treatment I would use the Long Relax for total and healing relaxation, adding the Pain Control Technique to minimise the pain. The results were terrific. I was told I was a model patient at the hospital. I now use the techniques mostly on the road to have an uneventful journey and to be moving the traffic along: I set duration for my travel and using the techniques always find that I achieve my goal, arriving safely, relaxed and on time. I use the sleep technique whenever I'm restless to have good quality sleep. Also, I sometimes have to travel long distances to attend meetings so, when I know I'm going to have a very short night sleep I use the Long Relax to improve the quality of sleep in order to be alert whilst driving and during the meeting.

Ann Martin, Nurse, Galway

During the course we were asked to focus on someone we really liked so I did so on my present wife whom I didn't really know that well but whom I felt drawn to. We then got to know each other better... and you now know the end of the story! It has turned out to be a most positive step in my life.

Sean, co Galway

I used to get uptight quite easily but since I have taken the Silva Course I have found myself to be far more relaxed and at work, my colleagues who would know me to lose my temper, are surprised as I don't anymore! Overall the days seem to flow more easily.

Sean, co Cork

My Mum was trying to contact my brother in London but none of us knew to where to reach him. So I used my Three Fingers Technique and there he was in the middle of London, in front of my car; and just at that time the traffic lights turn red which gave us time for him to come to my door and give me his phone number!

Giselle, Galway

Thank you very much for a very insightful weekend. Last night after the course I went to help my brother at his house... he is renovating. I found myself facing the door to his garden shed in the dark with the massive bunch of keys that he has. I needed to find the correct key to the shed. I decided to use one of the tools I learned to find the right key so I used the 3 finger technique and said "I will pick out the correct key first time"...and guess what?... Instantaneously I picked out the right key...Looking forward to using the rest of the tools!

M. Reid, Sales Representative. Multinational IT Company, Dublin

"Thank you for a lovely experience during the weekend. As a result I had a super duper parent teacher meeting. I felt all interactions between myself and each set of parents were very fruitful. I wasn't worn out at the end of the night as I have felt before. The whole evening was more positive and I could see the parents blossoming with all the positive news and giving me back useful feedback. The school day has also become more productive. I really believe that even after using the phrase "You are really learning/concentrating/listening etc. better and better every day" for two days so far the atmosphere in the classroom has become more focused and attentive. Thank you so much again and I'll write again to let you both know how the memory pegs and three-finger technique works with the children". Follow-on success for Melissa..."I received brilliant news this morning. I have an interview this Saturday for a permanent job in Le Chéile-Educate Together school. I have wanted to work in this type of school for some time. So plenty of visualisation and 3 fingered technique until this Saturday. I can't wait to work there".

Melissa, Primary School Teacher, Dublin

Using the Silva Method is not just a beautifully r elaxing way to be, it is much more than that. It helps you to remain positive, focused and healthy whatever happens. You will not become invincible but it will certainly give you the feeling that you are better equipped to deal with life, help yourself and even others in any situation (illnesses, decisions, crisis, etc.) `If there is one thing I always recommend to my friends for personal development it is to book the next Silva course.

Zsofia Puszta, Multinational IT Company, Dublin

Golf was the reason I came to the Silva course. My game definitely improved. The unexpected surprise is freedom from the cloud of depression that hung over me for the past 15 years.

Ken Shepard, Sport Enthusiast

I was in dropout prevention classes from second grade through the fifth grade. During the second semester of fifth grade I came to the Silva course. I scored high on the FCAT and all of my other tests. I am now in regular or advanced classes and doing very well.

S.B. January, Student

There is no way to estimate the value of the Silva Method principles in the conduct of a new business. The power of the deep levels of mind to solve practical problems, bring forth creative new product ideas, and aid in positive employer-employee relationships is fantastic. We have found the Silva Method of Mind Development to be the most grounded, practical, accessible and easy method of all.

John and Rita Donohue, Entrepreneur

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