Silva Method Galway course calendar

Introductory talks

Come and find out more about the Silva Method program by attending the Friday morning up to the first break (€15 contribution)

Course Venue

Galway (precise venue depending on numbers and TBA


Adult training 2019

Basic Lectures series: Friday, Saturdays and Sundays 9.30am-7pm

  • February 1-2-3rd
  • March 22-23-24th

Silva Intuitive Training: Monday 9.30am-7pm

  • February 4th
  • March 25th

4 day immersion Course  Friday to Monday 9.30am to 7pm/6pm

  • February 1-2-3-4th
  • March 22-23-24-25th

The tuition fee

New attendee

Basic lectures serie (3days): €340

Silva Intuitive Training: €120 (requirement: SLS graduation or BLS graduation)

Four Day Immersion Training: €440 (SAVE €20!)

Existing grads resit fee (with certification number)

€45 seating charge for 3 days resit - €60 for 4 days & €20 for one day

The fee covers

The three/four or one -day training courses, student manuals, certificates of attendance/completion, and Silva ID card, which entitles you to unlimited re-attendance to the Silva Method Course free of tuition fees.

100% Money back guarantee

The continued success of this world famous program enables us to confidently provide you with an unconditional money back guarantee. In the unlikely event that by the end of the third day/fourth day you are not satisfied with the course you may return the students manuals and ID card and receive 100% of your money back. 

GRADUATES, BRING A FRIEND when you re-attend the course and the seating charge is waived

All Other Workshops

Stress management training: Saturday 9.30am- 6pm TBA

Tuition Fee: €100