About Silva

Who are we?

Silva International, Inc is a privately owned international educational organization with over a thousand Certified Silva Method Instructors (CSMIs). We are dedicated to helping people discover their true human potential. We continue proudly raising awareness as we celebrate 50 years of service to four million graduates in 111 countries and 30 languages.

Read Jose Silva's autobiography

"...it is essential that every person be encouraged to realize that he or she can use more mind to make this world a better place to live in..."
I Have a Hunch, Jose Silva

The story of Jose Silva - the mind behind The Silva Method

Is one of the world's greatest success stories. During his lifetime, Jose Silva was a businessman, athlete, artist, educator, scientist, philosopher, and the founder of The Silva Method.

After starting his business career at the tender age of six, this self-educated man would eventually work his way up and become a well-respected businessman, establish an electronics training school in his hometown Community College, design and receive patents for several biofeedback instruments, and write over a dozen books that would reach over two dozen countries.

He spent his entire lifetime developing his creative and intuitive abilities and teaching others to find their own abilities within themselves.

Silva spent over 20 years studying great minds, researching the human condition, and developing self-help programs before unveiling his findings. Silva's research findings - The Silva Method - first made its way to the public eye in 1966. Today his life's work is being presented in over 30 languages in 111 countries. Silva served as Chairman of the Board of The Silva Method up until 1999, when he passed away peacefully in his home.

What? Silva Sets Your Thinking Right

The Silva Method program is a scientifically-proven conditioning process that has stood the test of time.It is based on the knowledge that how you think, believe and behave dictates your living experience. By making simple, positive changes you can live a powerful life of your own design. Sixteen progressive exercises help you obtain the mental edge necessary to accomplish your desired goals. They steadily help you increase your ability to remain focused and direct your thinking. With your expanded, creative and innovative thoughts you learn to develop essential elements required to achieve any success in life.

Training you to attain your goals faster by developing your mind focusing faculties

  • 1. Training you to focus on positive thoughts, relieving you of stress, creating an awareness of negative influences surrounding you, thus starting to attract the right people and situations in your life.
  • 2. Helping you balance your mind by reawakening your creativity, intuitions, innovative skills bringing on a more balanced life. Your belief system expands, opening up to boundless opportunities
  • 3. By focusing your mind more clearly you learn to be present to the moment, seizing the opportunity of the NOW, leading to fulfilment and contentment. (Mindfulness)

Each time you refresh the course tuition free, it enables you to implement the tools in your every day life, leading you to access deeper levels of consciousness and to expanding your awareness. You also benefit from meeting people from all walks of life, whose influence may well be a turning point in your own life.

"...without the other, we would not exist. Your soul is the reflection of all souls. Imagine trying to understand the complex web of personal interactions that have made you who you are today, all your family and friends, every teacher and classmate you've ever had, every shop clerk in every store you've ever visited, everyone you've ever worked or come in contact with at any point of your life..."
Deepak Chopra

The repeat courses and regular use of the tools eventually become second nature turning you into an empowered being :

suggested definition : when facing uncertainty or challenges, always focusing on a positive outcome, implementing solutions yet surrendering to whatever the outcome is, knowing that at times, destiny lies beyond our understanding and that in each challenge lies our chance of learning and growth.

The Silva Method Focused Thinking Programme

This dynamic, educational programme is guaranteed to help you discover the power of your own unique mental abilities. When you commit to learning and practicing The Silva MethodTM, you are making one of the most important investments in your life.

It's Not Magic

Silva is not about motivation or magic. It is about maintaining a strong, productive mental fitness. Since 1966, this straightforward mind-training programme has successfully helped millions of people from all walks of life discover their true self-empowerment.