Teens and children Yoga classes in Galway

Teens and children "Joyful Journey Stretch Yourself Yoga"


“Yoga Therapy Ireland”. Yoga for children has been designed by YTI trained yoga teachers, tutors, primary school teachers, psychologist and educational officers. It is designed to compliment the Social, Personal, Health, Education (SPHE) and the physical Education (PE) part of the primary School Curriculum.

“Joyful & Creative Children Yoga” offers yoga in a child centered and child friendly way to encourage the development of the “whole” child. The physical health and well being of the individual is fostered. The importance of understanding and communicating emotions is explored through the heart, thus developing and maintaining supportive relationships. A strong interest, wonder and respect for the natural world is encouraged in the programme as is philosophy of kindness and compassion for all living beings. Children are encouraged to be active, confident participants in the world and working to make this world a safer place for all living beings.   


Child specific yoga practices are taught through postures, breath, arts, drama, music, story telling, role play, group work, relaxation, mind focusing fun exercises. Also journeying, a unique process through which children share recently experienced challenges by using symbolic expression and vizualisation,  transforming the initial painful experience into a positive learning experience where self-esteem, forgiveness and compassion arise setting up the perfect blueprint for further life supportive growth.

What to Expect?

Depending on age, classes are taught through games and the mimicking of nature and animals. It is a fun and positive way to channel and redirect some of their energy whilst:

  • Boosting the immune system
  • Building strength and flexibility
  • Balancing physical & mental energy
  • Developing postural awareness & coordination
  • Nurturing confidence & self-esteem
  • Developing creativity
  • Increasing their attention span and focus
  • Developing social awareness & self control
  • Encouraging balance, trust and compassion
  • Encouraging contentment & wellbeing     


  • Schools-After school: supports in dealing and eliminating bullying and fosters harmonious holistic development of the child.
  • Mid-term camps: helps children recharge their energy in a safe and protected environment whilst developing a creative community spirit
  •  Hospitals & Community organizations: supports the physical and emotional recovery process. Special needs supported 
Workshops can be tailored into half days, two hour or one hour sessions.

Kids Joyful & Creative Yoga

(time table & rates)

Kids/Teens Joyful & Creative Yoga Camp 


Children Joyful Yoga Camp: July 3-4-5-6th & 24-26-27-28th - 10am to 2pm - €80

Teens Yoga & Wellness Camp: June 5-6-7-8th -

                                                      July 17-18-19-20th - 10am to 2pm - €80                                                                      

Yoga of the Mind and Body for Teens: 4 days yoga/Ayurveda practice on the mat coupled with the Silva Method techniques:Managing stress which assists the brain in integrating learning effortlessly & easily. Learning that with the right mental attitude, challenges/negative beliefs can be turned into powerful learning experiences. Learning how to develop life-building confidence & a strong self-esteem and experiencing joy in life+++

Joyful & Creative Teen's Yoga

 The Teens' stage can be a difficult time and yet can be the beginning of a most rewarding journey.Teens being neither children nor adults yet, and going through the incredible hormonal transformation, have to deal with conflictual thoughts whilst searching for their identity: one minute acting as a younger more spontaneous child, the next minute, being reminded that they are entering the adults' world, temptingly “endorsing” a “fake” identity not representing “who they are”.

At that stage also, their discriminatory capacity is enhanced whilst high creativity is still retained. Because of this teens can often be wiser than a lot of adults, thinking “out of the box”. This can cause conflict as, when made aware of/ faced with the challenges of our society, rebellion at the limitations of what the social medias/parental model is offering them, can arise; feeling most sensitive to injustice yet feeling powerless in a world/society they haven't chosen and which in most cases doesn't allow them to have an input. So unexpressed mental and emotional frustration with the combination of high rise of physical energy can cause havoc...in their lives but also their surrounds.

This is where yoga, with the full spectrum of the 8 limbs including meditation and Ayurvedic lifestyle shows itself to be of invaluable support. Channeling  and releasing  trapped energy through the dynamics of breath, postures, journeying within, reconnecting to the amazing synchronicity of energy manifesting as their body, experiencing first hand on the yoga mat the rewards of intention/attention with self-discipline and finally becoming self-referral giving them the freedom of choice. Flexibility, strength and balance ripple from the mat to a joyful, creative and compassionate expression of life where they are able to express their purpose/dharma contributing to making the world a safer and more loving place.