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Why Essential Oils?

Having finalized certification as a Vedic Educator with the Chopra center in Carlsbad CA, and as such teaching yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic lifestyle which incorporates nurturing/healing through our five senses, I knew I needed to find the best essential oils on the market. Indeed Ayurveda uses specific essential oils for specific body constitutions to bring back balance (homeostasis).

Putting it out there and with the help of synchronicity  :) I was contacted by a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and I decided to attend the Aromatouch training....That was the Aromatouch whilst benefiting from the most exquisite, pure,vibrant and therapeutic oils, won me over. I had indeed been using oils for a long time with my family but never had come across such high quality.

I was further impressed when I found out what amazing humanitarian work doTERRA does throughout the world.

I now use the oils, beauty products, supplements everyday and it has become a way of life. Knowing that, whatever need or challenge one  encounters, not one but numerous oils can support us within seconds, is amazing and so comforting.

I also use the oils for specific treatments: One to one Ayurvedic consultations, Aromatouch Journey work......

My yoga students love stepping into the yoga room where oils are diffused but, also receiving a drop of a specifically yoga practice related essential oil.

Being part of a community where everyone shares openly their knowledge is a blessing.

The ancient traditional use of Essential Oils

Worldwide history shows that essential oils are the oldest form of medicine in the history of man: from the Lascaux cave walls paintings of medicinal plants used for everyday care dating from 18,000 BC (France), the Australian aborigines and Pakistani population (7,000 years ago), Egyptian and Mesopotamian (writings include the knowledge of essential oils dating back 4,500 years) to Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine who wrote 2,500 years ago,““the key to good health rests on having a daily aromatic bath and scented massage”, the ancients had discovered that plants and trees contained powerful life blood, resins and essences that greatly contributed to medicinal, therapeutic, aromatic, beauty properties and spiritual practices.

In India, essential oils are the backbone of Ayurvedic medicine, one of the oldest forms of holistic healing that has been practiced for at least 4,000 years. It is a whole-body approach to health which includes a balance between the mind, body and spirit.

In addition to acting on the physical body to induce states of calm, essential oils can help still the mind so one can access higher experiences in our practices of yoga/meditation and daily life.

What is an essential oil?

Why do-terra?

Using Essential Oils


The Aromatouch technique, which is a protocol developed by Dr David Hill, consists in the application of specific oils on meridian points on the back, hands and feet, stimulating the nervous system and bringing back the body to balance . The different oils address, stress management, immune enhancement, inflammatory response to homeostasis. The impact is immediate, as our olfactory "impressions" are the fastest to travel to our brain and trigger shifts at a physical, mental and emotional level before the aroma is even detected.

DoTERRA exceptional essential oils (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade),are independently tested for their purity and potency and therefore one of the safest oils to use on the market. DoTERRA's involvement in humanitarian work supporting and empowering communities throughout the whole world also leads to this sense of wellbeing and positive contribution to our planet.

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