BLS 3 day Silva Method Workshop

A person's perception, not genetic programming, is what spurs all action in the body:

It's actually our beliefs that select our genes, that select our behavior.

Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief

This concise sentence encapsulates the foundation of the Silva teachings: our beliefs create our experiences..They are the blue print of  our life and .... we are the programmers.

Once this becomes clear and this wisdom is integrated in our lives, then we become free choice makers, creating our life from a place of awareness... and of course life is a journey, learning from our new experiences , ("mistakes" are only so if we repeat them endlessly) and  adjusting along the way.

So the Silva Method doesn't just provide you with practical tools supporting you in implementing your choices. It also supports you in gaining awareness, thus in making the choices that are the best for each and everyone.

The tools range from "simply" bringing one into deep relaxation/meditation to managing stress/pain/health issues, becoming aware of our sapping habits and beliefs and programming new supportive behaviors,  to opening up to our intuition ++++. (check out our home page for more info)

The 3 days Basic Lecture Series (BLS) covers the 2 days Silva Life System  (SLS) with more extensive and deeper programming  as well as extra teachings from the Silva Intuition Training (SIT)

"The Stand Alone" extra day includes the final teaching of the SIT, as well as a deepening of the BLS techniques, which then lead to a feedback of each participants implementations and results.

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