Yoga Galway testimonials

I had my first one to one appointment with Claire in 2015 to get me started in yoga. I needed help with flexibility, strengthening and was intimidated by the thought of joining a group and holding everyone back. The one to one sessions led me to now where I have been attending yoga once a week until COVID 19 and now twice a week online, all led by Claire. She can give you a very gentle start to ensure you can get started and will work at a pace that's best suited to where you are at that given time. She can keep growing your own ability right up to a very advanced level and lead you further than you ever thought was possible. I continue to grow with Claire's guidance and leadership and use her classes to manage stress and help my physical wellbeing also.

Evelyn O'Toole, Founder & CEO of Complete Laboratory Solutions (CLS) //
Industry EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ for 2017

I must be attending yoga 10 years now. Lately on Zoom. I went initially not expecting to do those 10 years. It is a tribute to you Claire, how enjoyable you make the class and the way you encourage us & teach us. I have missed very few classes which are calming and relaxing. We know the asanas, now but it’s easy to get distracted at home. I think it is difficult to describe the total experience until you are doing the yoga. I highly recommend it for anyone who needs a little me time.

Anne Mc Grath, student Galway

I wish to thank you for your wonderful yoga sessions. I love them mentally, physically and spiritually. I had an incident last week where I got locked into my sitting room and needed to get out of my fairly small window. So at first I was apprehensive and said I will just try and see how I go, and to my surprise without any difficulty I maneuvered my way out. I remember at the time consciously relaxing and breathing into the stretch and really checking that my body was comfortable and under no strain. I was so impressed with my own flexibility. I came out through the window in only moments. With no tension on my body anywhere. I was elated with my new flexibility and body awareness, Not bad I thought for my 50 years young!! With much gratitude for your time and teaching Claire.

Alice Balachandran, Louise Hay Trainer, Student Neenagh

I started yoga 3 years ago and with each week that goes by I feel more & more agile. Claire is a wonderful teacher. She is so caring, thoughtful and also so good at sharing her knowledge with us. Yoga for me is very calming, helps me sleep much better. In fact the benefits are endless. Sometimes I might not feel like going but when I do go, I always, always feel so much better. I would highly recommend yoga for all ages. It’s just wonderful. Thank you Claire.

Annette, student, Furbo, co Galway

I started yoga with Claire about four years ago. As a result I have found my body is more flexible, my posture and balance has improved and the beauty is that it can be done by all, young or old… I am now over 80…

Kathleen B, Student, Furbo, co Galway